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Example #1: (The following is a short newsletter advertisement done as an assignment for a writing course led by award-winning B2B master copywriter Steve Slaunwhite, AWAI's 2016 Copywriter of the Year.)

White paper offers key strategies for getting appointments with CEOs

Is your sales team having trouble getting in front of key decision-makers (CEOs)? Do they need to generate more qualified leads? If so, then we've got great news for you.

PowerForce Sales Training has your back with an offer you can't afford to miss. Access our proven resource for engaging busy CEOs in the sales process. Among its nine pages, our free white paper offers the following content:

  • Three field-tested strategies for setting more appointments with CEOs.
  • Includes two model emails adaptable for use in reaching decision-makers.
  • A successful approach used by top companies like IBM and NCR.

Click here to download this indispensable white paper to jumpstart your sales.


Example #2: (The following brochure sample was written for a B2B copywriting class led by Steve Slaunwhite.)


Improve your proposal win rates by one-third in just hours!


Are you continually frustrated by ineffective design proposals that die on the vine? Why not consider Mindwalk's "Pump Up Your Proposals" coaching service?

It takes only half-a-day to join an exclusive club of satisfied Mindwalk clients who've achieved outstanding results.

On average, our clients report a 32% increase in their proposal "win rates" after implementing our proven program.

That's an astonishing improvement of nearly ONE-THIRD!

How would that impact your company's bottom line?

Keep reading to see the features and benefits of our program, then check out our special offer at the end to start a rewarding relationship with Mindwalk coaching.

Components of our "Pump Up Your Proposals" program:

  • Our unique coaching program requires just half-a-day to complete.
  • Mindwalk coaching comes to you, because we believe in live face-to-face training.
  • Our experts review/analyze past proposals, finding ways to make them more persuasive.
  • We identify areas of improvement and suggest ideas for crafting more effective offerings.
  • Mindwalk works with you to fashion a more successful proposal template.
  • We prepare a customized checklist for use in developing future proposals.
  • Mindwalk will review your next proposal for up to six months after our coaching session.

Advantages of our "Pump Up Your Proposals" program:

  • A fast-paced, focused, in-house training session requiring no travel for you.
  • Our interactive coaching regimen allows for your participation and input.
  • Access to knowledgeable, experienced experts with a successful track record.
  • Benefit from our professional appraisal and analysis of previous proposals.
  • Learn proven techniques for writing persuasive copy that gets amazing results.
  • Receive a helpful worksheet for evaluating the effectiveness of all future client offerings.
  • Obtain a tailored guide for preparing captivating proposals that attracts new customers.
  • Profit from our six-month offer to critique your next client proposal at no charge.

Testimonial: "The coaching program was the best money we've ever spent. The new proposal template we developed with the Mindwalk coach helped us win five new web design projects, and a top price. We probably would not have got those projects otherwise."


What next? Stories like the one above are common with Mindwalk customers. To join their ranks and pump up your design proposals with compelling, persuasive copy, call 800-500-1000 or email to schedule a free 30-minute phone coaching session. Contact us today!



Example #3: (The article below is an actual press release I wrote and published when I ran for public office in 2014)

White announces run for city clerk

The field of local political candidates grew earlier this month with the August 15th filing deadline. Among them was Richard White, a 21-year resident of South Sebastian County, who announced his candidacy for Greenwood City Clerk and Treasurer.

"Like many people in our area, Greenwood is our adopted hometown," said White. "We've made a good life here and we believe in old-fashioned, small town American values.

"God has blessed us greatly over the years, just as He has smiled on our city, sometimes in spite of ourselves. It's my hope to give something back to the community and put my life experience and talents to good use for the citizens of Greenwood.

"I'm a Christian, a conservative, and I'm not ashamed to say so," he added. "I also believe in personal responsibility and public accountability for all elected officials. If chosen by the voters, I pledge to do my best for them as city clerk and treasurer. As a licensed teacher, I'm also interested in expanding civics education among our young people, and I hope to explore that further if elected."

Age 57, White grew up in Cross County and the city of Wynne in Northeast Arkansas before moving to Van Buren in 1991 and then to Greenwood in 1993. Along with his wife, Jeanette, and two young sons, White came to South Sebastian County as the Publisher of the Greenwood Democrat newspaper, promoted from the sales staff of the Press Argus-Courier in Van Buren.

White has spent many years in the newspaper industry, including his current position as sportswriter for the Greenwood Tradition. For several years he has also been the chief sports scribe for the Greenwood Dog Pound, the popular local high school sports website.

Possessing a wide range of life and work experiences, White has been a small business owner, journalist, and worked for several years in outside sales. After arriving in Greenwood, White was also employed for over seven years with the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care in Fort Smith, working with senior citizens in the Medicare program, before becoming a public school teacher in 2005.

White was also employed for seven years at the juvenile facility near Mansfield and spent a decade working with at-risk youths, the last six of those years as a teacher in alternative education.

Surrendering to the gospel ministry as a senior in high school, White attended Southern Baptist College and later graduated from Ouachita Baptist University in 1979, and has served numerous churches as a part-time pastor, including his present post at Southside Baptist Church in Booneville.

The Whites have been married for 37 years and Jeanette has been employed at Alpha Packaging in Greenwood for 20 years, currently working in the accounting department. Their youngest son, Sam, is in the Navy, serving on a destroyer based in Japan. Their oldest son, Matt, and his wife, Holly, are employed at Wal-Mart. The couple has a four-year-old son, Grayson, the Whites' only grandchild.


Example #4: (This is a short blog post assignment for a 2019 on-line B2B writing course through AWAI. The instructor was nationally recognized master copywriter Steve Slaunwhite.)

Five tips for creating a great ad for your home improvement business

In the competitive world of home improvement contracting, maintaining good client relations is critically important, and the key to nurturing a sound relationship is communication – informing the customer about who you are and what products or services your offer.

For the home improvement contractor, the first stop along that communications route is the initial contact with the customer through advertising. But most contractors aren't schooled in marketing and don't have the time required to learn how to create an effective plan promoting their business.

As a national supplier and sub-contractor working exclusively in the home improvement industry, DeDazzle Kitchen Cabinets is heavily invested in your business, because your success is our success.

In keeping with that belief, we're happy to share with you some proven marketing principles. Specifically, five key ideas your business can use to create an effective ad to promote your company's services to potential clients.

  • Choose the right medium. In today's media-rich world there are plenty of ways and places to advertise, but not all marketing mediums are equal. It's important to choose the advertising platforms most relevant to your audience and create ads designed for those venues. Options might include print publications and radio or television ads aimed at homeowners, focusing on home improvement or remodeling. You can advertise locally, regionally, or nationally.
  • Get the client's attention. The first test of any ad is the attention factor. Many consumers see advertisements as annoying and often ignore them. To break through the clutter, your ad needs to be engaging and grab the attention of the reader, viewer, or listener. But getting their attention isn't enough. Your ad must also be interesting and informative, staying in the customer's mind after he or she moves on.
  • Use emotion and reason. To be effective, you must understand why people purchase products and services. Logic has a role, but even more important is the buyers' emotions. The best ads appeal to the mind and heart of the customer. Catch the buyer's attention first with an emotional appeal that makes them want your product or service, then follow up with rational reasons to convince them they need what you're offering. Begin by creating an emotional desire, then give them a logical reason to justify their purchase.
  • Focus on frequency. Studies show that most potential customers need multiple exposures to an ad before it sinks in – at least three times. Often that's not even enough to guarantee a sale. Generally, people must read, hear, or see your ad many more times before making a purchasing decision – usually 9-12 times. This means it's critical to run your ads frequently, across multiple media platforms, to reach the widest possible audience and generate more sales.
  • Coordinate your efforts. Businesses often ignore the value of branding and consistency in advertising. To increase customer awareness of your product or service, coordinate your marketing efforts so each ad clearly reflects your company and brand. Customers are more likely to notice your business when you have an integrated marketing plan over several media platforms. Using the same theme of your television commercial in a magazine ad or on a website helps customers become more aware of your presence, products, or services. They will also be more likely to remember your company name when they are finally ready to buy.

We hope the information provided above will be helpful in creating an effective marketing plan for your home improvement business. We also stand ready to assist you with kitchen remodeling products and services to meet your customer's needs. Contact us at


Example #5: (This short case study (less than 500 words) was an assignment for a B2B writing class led by Steve Slaunwhite. Upon review, this piece received high praise.)

Improved networking skills helped Kinnear Office Furnishings reach 20-30% more sales prospects

In its most elemental form, selling is about numbers. The more prospects, the greater the odds of making a sale. But getting in front of the right person can sometimes be tricky.

"One of our toughest problems is identifying who to contact," explained Janice Bell, CEO of Kinnear Office Furnishings, a mid-size interior design company with 35 employees in Springdale, Arkansas.

"We just can't buy a mailing list, so we need to spend time networking to find the right person. It's critical. The better our sales team is at networking, the more sales opportunities they will generate for us," she offered.

According to Bell, her business has seen significant growth in new contacts after partnering with Smith Training & Consulting and implementing its flagship program, Networking For Sales Results. It's a five-step method for contacting and landing sales appointments with new prospects, targeting better qualified leads without cold calling.

Bell believes her sales staff makes 20 to 30% more new contacts weekly due to their improved networking skills, adding that improved networking increased the effectiveness of their sales staff by "giant leaps and bounds."

She further said, "What I like about the program is there's no fluff or theory. From the first module there were tips and tactics our sales team could implement right away.

"We have a 'product' of high value, but frankly difficult to sell," admitted Bell. "We're constantly looking for any edge to get our foot in the door. That's how [this] program helped us most. We're getting in the doors of a lot more prospects than before."

The company boss also liked the program's "user-friendly" nature. After the main training session, participants enjoy online access to several 20-minute modules to practice their new skills. They also receive one-on-one coaching and support for 180 days after the initial training.

"Typically, salespeople don't like being pulled from the road for training," said Bell. "But it was only two days, and they really liked the virtual training modules they could access anytime, and the fact they could call or email to ask questions and get advice.

"Without a doubt, it's a very effective program, especially for sales teams like ours that rely on networking," she concluded. "I highly recommend it!"


Example #6: (This email assignment was part of a course entitled, "Secrets of Writing High Performance B2B Copy".)

Chill-0-Matic Coolers: A Great Price and Portability!

It's the perfect combination in the hectic world of restaurateurs!

Chill-o-Matic offers both with its new LBR Cooler.

LBR stands for "Light, Bright, Reliable" – all key factors in commercial refrigerators.

Tired of old, costly, clunky coolers? Our newest unit is lighter than other heavy-duty models, plus it rolls and can easily be moved by two people within minutes.

And now you can save up to $1,000!

It's also available in several bright colors, or in stainless steel, and Chill-o-Matic is famous for reliability. Our units last and last and require a minimum of regular maintenance.

Other key features:

  • A full glass door that resists condensation.
  • A redesigned compressor that's energy-efficient, saves weight, and minimizes noise.
  • A much lower price than comparable models.

The LBR unit costs 28.2% less says market research firm LR Brown & Associates.

Apply that savings to other needs, keeping you ahead of the competition.

And for a select group, Chill-o-Matic is now offering 25% off our LBR unit.

BUT ACT NOW! This offer lasts only six months for the first 50 respondents.

To redeem, click below, sign-up, then visit our exhibit to pick up your coupon at the Restaurateur Conference & Trade Show in St. Louis next week.

Don't miss this money-saving offer. Apply below and we'll see you at the show.